Honorable President of Hung Fut Pai (HQ)

Hung Fut Pai Honorable President: Hung Jak Pui

(pictured here with Hung Gongkeung) From a very young age recieved instructions handed down from the GrandMaster himself Baak Mou Jiu. He practiced Gungfu and Lion Dancing very hard. His understanding of the arts is extremely elevated
One time there was this Master who called himself "Iron Bridge". He insisted on having a fight with Hung Jak Pui. Jak Pui broke through the guys defense and laid him out in one move. Before he was able to get up he got on his knees to become Hung Jak Pui's student. From that time on Hung Jak Pui was known as "Iron Bridge". He opened his school in Chungking in 1970. He has the respect of all the brethren and elders of our clan.

6th generation Grand Master Baak Mou Jiu
7th generation Grand Masters Hung Yiu Jung and Hung Keung Saang
7th generation Masters Tom Sek, Dang Cheukwa, Dang Yudung, Hung Wongdak, Liu Gengji and Wu Siunam
8th (current) generation Grand Master Hung Gum Pui
8th generation Elder Masters Hung Oi Kwan and Dang Bouyi
8th generation Masters Canonball Jung, Hung Syusam,and Lee Choisaang
9th generation Masters Yeung kai, Choi Gingman, Sifu Jai, and Faan-tung Auffrey
10th generation Instructors P-Biu Thomas, Pow Affoumado, Mad Dog Fleming, Fat Tiger Rivera,
Lick Chavarria and Buns Perez
Hung Fut Pai of New York contact: Sifu_Jai@HungFutPai.org