The Grand Master of Hung Fut Pai

Hung Fut Pai Grand Master Hung 'Lightning Hands' Gam Pui demonstrating
the 'Four Afflictions Style' At the age of 8 Hung Gum Pui began studying Hung Fut in the country with his father's elder brother Hung Keung Saang . From such a young age Hung Gum Pui always had a deep interest in martial arts and also exhibited a natural talent in the field. At the age of 14 he went to Hong Kong to study with his father's younger brother Hung Yiu Jung . His skills improved greatly after he learned the "Lefty Crazy Devil Staff" and the "Four Great Afflictions Style". He enjoyed sparring with his friends from the martial world. They were all convinced of his prowess. His keen ability to utlize the "steal" and "leak" techniques was well known. His friends used to say that besides his good gungfu skills and speed, he also had the air of a vicious tiger. So in the martial world Hung Gum Pui was known as "Lou-Fu-Jai" or "Tiger Boy". He opened his first Hung Fut gungfu school in 1967.
In 1975 he opened his first annex branch in Holland. This was in the days that if you had an official grand opening of a martial arts school, you could be sure that you will be visited and challenged by all of the local martial arts schools. "Tiger Boy", still in his twenties, is not considered tall by even Chinese standards. Countless challenges came. The fights were usually only one move. In not too long he had earned another nick-name..."Holland's Father of Chinese Guo-shu (Gung-fu)".

Back in Hong Kong in 1984 in a large restaurant in front of many witnesses and photographers at 110 lbs., the Grand Master simultaneously broke two world records. He was recorded executing two-hundred and thirty-eight 8" punches, each with 280 lbs. of force, with one arm, in one minute flat! As he had naturally out grown the nick-name "Tiger Boy", his new nick-name became "Lightning Hands"!

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