This is the son of the current Grand Master; Hung Gum Pui

Hung Fut Pai Master Hung Lok Man

Here he is seen on a cover of New Martial Hero magazine with his father. He has been given the title "The Prince of Kung fu". He is also the Chief Supervisor of the Hung Fut Pai Lion Dancing Team.

I have several of these magazines left, so if interested, make me an offer!


6th generation Grand Master Baak Mou Jiu - 7th generation Grand Masters Hung Yiu Jung and Hung Keung Saang
7th generation Masters Tom Sek, Dang Cheukwa, Dang Yudung, Hung Wongdak, Liu Gengji and Wu Siunam
8th (current) generation Grand Master Hung Gum Pui - 8th generation Elder Masters Hung Oikwan and Dang Bouyi
Honorable President Hung Jak Pui - President Choi Gingman - Vice President Jeung Lai Gwan
8th generation Masters Canonball Jung, Hung Syusam and Lee Choisaang
Accountant (HQ) Maverick Hung
NY Chief Supervisor Sifu Jai - NY Elder Master Yeung kai - NY Master Faan-tung Auffrey
NY Instructors Biu Thomas, Pow Affoumado, Mad Dog Fleming, Fay Rivera and Buns Perez
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