New York Hung Fut Pai Presents

One of the Woman's Self-defense classes with (from left to right)
Nell, Alice, Eleanor and Mary

This class emphasizes the practical Hung Fut techniques, as adapted for modern/urban situations wherein it is assumed that the opponent is bigger and stronger

6th generation Grand Master Baak Mou Jiu - 7th generation Grand Master Hung Yiu Jung
7th generation Masters Tom Sek, Dang Cheukwa, Dang Yudung, Hung Wongdak, Liu Gengji and Wu Siunam
8th (current) generation Grand Master Hung Gum Pui
8th generation Elder Masters Hung Oikwan and Dang Bouyi
8th generation Masters Canonball Jung, Hung Syusam,and Lee Choisaang
9th generation Masters Yeung kai, Choi Gingman, Sifu Jai, and Faan-tung Auffrey
10th generation Instructors Paul "Biu" Thomas, 'Pow' Affoumado, Mad Dog Fleming, Fat Tiger Rivera, Buns Perez and Lick Chavarria
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